4 Gift Ideas For A Bachelor Party

Your best friend is going to tie the knot soon and, as it always happens, the guy time you enjoyed so much will eventually become only a distant memory. So in order to throwaway the blues, you may decide to organize a bachelor party to celebrate the last days of ultimate fun the two of you will enjoy with your other friends.

It is common knowledge that gifts are not expected in bachelor parties but you cannot deny that your friend will love the idea of receiving one. It is better to decide on a gift for the occasion in advance. It may be something like a personalized cup or it may be something more sophisticated hand crafted beer.

Personalized gift items

As mentioned before, personalized gifts are always a good idea as they will be both useful and memorable. You may choose to personalize a ceramic mug, a T-shirt, a cap or something like a sunshade.

Depending on the likings of your friend (which you are bound to know for the simple fact that you are friends!) choose a phrase and/or pictures to be printed on the selected item.


Just as chocolates never fail to impress a girl, beverages are bound to sway a guy. If your friend prefers high alcohol you may opt for something like whiskey, vodka, gin, etc. and you may buy only one bottle for your friend or may decide to cover the whole function. If, however, the preference is towards low alcohol, you may buy craft beer. Visit http://www.craftandcrew.hk/en/ff-portfolio/brooklyn-brewery/ 


Every newlywed likes to take some time off to enjoy themselves after the celebrations before going back to their hectic lifestyles. So you can assist your friend by gifting him two tickets (note I said two!) to his favourite getaway if you are in a position to afford it. If not you may book a hotel for them or even buy tickets for a popular event which they are known to enjoy. Mark my word, such gestures do not go unnoticed. However, if you think that this is a much too expensive option, make this your gift idea for the wedding.

Personal products

Personal grooming products such as shavers, shaving accessories, shampoos and deodorants may also be appreciated as one never has enough of them and would suit the low budget that you may have allocated for the occasion. You may even consider gifting contraceptives combined with one or more of other grooming products as they are an essential in planning the new life ahead of your friend.

I am sure that you can come up with thousands of crazy gift ideas for your friend’s party but this list may help you to keep yourself in check in case you tend to allow your imagination to run just a bit too wild and end up making a spectacle of yourself by gifting something inappropriate no matter how funny the idea seemed at the time.

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